"The overriding difference between success and mediocrity is perserverance."

Jason Mackey | Founder

Areas of Expertise

Helping small business owners overcome their greatest business challenges.


Unlock revenue through national expansion, strategic partnerships, and increased corporate entrepreneurship.


Optimize people, processes and technology to prioritize objectives and maximize overall output.


Position your company to accept outside capital, drive revenue, and meet business development goals.


Know your customer and increase engagement while delivering the bespoke solutions your market demands.


Clear bottlenecks and increase efficiency through embracing innovation and enforcing company-wide change.


Navigate disruptive and unexpected events that threaten to harm leadership, stakeholders, or the general public.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of companies do you work with?

Revenue-centric, US-based companies with fewer than 250 employees. Restaurant groups, ecommerce companies, professional service firms (law, accounting, insurance, etc.), and more.

Do you invest in small businesses?

Generally, no. I will not invest in small businesses without taking a significant equity stake. And as General Partner at Athenian VC, I only invest in emerging technology companies.

How expensive are your services?

Time, as a finite resource is naturally our most valuabel resources. That said, depending on your business needs, we can work within most reasonable budgets. Schedule a call to learn more.

Do you work with competitive businesses?

Sometimes, yes. It depends how involved we are with your business' day-to-day. In any event, we adhere to strict compartmentalization policies and respect confidentiality agreements.

Do you work onsite?

I prefer to work on a hybrid schedule, but because of the ongoing Pandemic most work will be performed remotely with limited time spent onsite in accordance with local mandates.

Can you act as our Chief Operating Officer (COO)?

Yes. I can act as your company's interim Chief Operating Officer (COO) while also conducting an executive search for a permanent executive to join your team.

Can I apply to be a client online?

Yes. After our initial intro call, you will recieve an email contianing a link to apply to become a client. Applications are based on project requirements, budgets, scope and general availability.

Can you offer legal advice?

I am not a lawyer, but can refer you to legal qualified legal counsel in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticuit, New York, Washington, D.C., Florida, Illionis, and California.

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